Sweet Forbidden

The Social Club is a great place to hang out and meet people, but sometime a girl needs to shop and our boutique Sweet Forbidden is a fabulous place to go shopping!

We have breast forms, clothes, shoes, lingerie, wigs, makeup and speciality items. And no problem trying a few things on —we have private dressing rooms.

We have skirts, blouses and dresses. We carry both new and slightly used items. We carry mostly street wear, with some business and evening items.

Sweet Forbidden carries shoes and boots in large and wide sizes. Our shoes in stock run to size 16 and 17 in some.

We also carry bras, panties, garter belts, and waist-cinchers in larger sizies. We have a large stock of hosiery—pantyhose, nylons and fishnets, all in a variety of colors and styles.

Sweet Forbidden stocks high-quality, affordably priced wigs. You can also have Aejaie trim your wig, or wash and style it.

We also carry breast forms: both name-brand attachable forms, and inexpensive, realistic forms.

Sweet Forbidden carries a wide variety of makeup, including special products such as camouflage creams and beard cover.

All of the items on Sweet Forbidden are also available in out boutique. You can phone or email Aejaie to find out if an item is in stock..

Ask Aejaie for additional information